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  1. The President's Address 
    1. Content of the Address
    2. The Address in the News
    3. State and Federal Parallels
    4. How the President has Responded
  2. The Restructuring of the College of Arts & Sciences and the Proper Role of the Arts & Humanities [now on its own page]
    1. Views of the Administration
    2. Situation within the College
      1. The Dean
      2. The History Department
      3. An External Review!?
    3. The Role of the Arts & Humanities and "Global Competitiveness"
  3. University Budget Reallocation, Policies, and Impact of the Strategic Plan [now on its own page]
    1. Budget "Reallocation" Plans
    2. Policies and the Impact of the Strategic Plan
    3. UT STEMM and the Corporate Model
    4. Solar Energy - a "Strategic Goal"
    5. Intermodal Transportation - a "Strategic Goal"
    6. Student Centered?
    7. Who Decides?
  4. Seeking Synthesis: All the issues start to come together... [NEW!]
  5. Additional Materials
  6. Discussions
  7. Associated Movements
  8. Stories We Aren't Covering
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Must Reads!
In I.IV:
Must Read! Letter to A&S Faculty responding to recently released emails External Link Jul. 7, 2008.
This letter is the official response of the Arts & Sciences Council rearding the "under the bus" emails. It expresses the view that the emails reveal disregard on the part of the Administration when presented with a thoughtfuly considered No-Confidence vote.
See the emails below via the Movements section.
In IV.:
Must Read! Blade, Letter to the Editor: Make UT a 'Learning-centered' institution. External Link May 31, 2008.
In this well-circulated piece by Religious Studies Chair Richard Gaillardetz, the author presents an alternative key-value for the University that considers students as a little more than consumers and the University as more than a profit-driven business [which, as a non-profit simply uses its greater income to provide a greater number of 'goods and services'].
In I.B:
Must Read! Toledo City Paper: A Brave New Entity External Link April 30, 2008
This article addresses in detail the implications of and perspectives on the ambiguous "New Entity" initiated in President Jacob's State of the University Address.
Must Read! UT News: Work under way to update UT Policies. External Link Apr. 14, 2008
This article announces the creation of a committee to evaluate and "vet" all existing policies on all campuses, to bring them into line with one another, and gather them at a common location.
Please go to the central Policies Web Page, where you will be able to view and comment on proposed policies before they are approved. Each policy is posted for only 30 days.
In VI.:
Must Read! Arts & Sciences Council E-Forum External Link
This discussion forum is now open to anyone with a free Google ID for posting, and is overflowing with other resources, opinions, discussions, and links not listed on this site. Do NOT miss it!

Additional Materials

Meeting Agendas and Minutes of the UT Board of Trustees External Link
The Agendas and Minutes of the UT Board of Trustees, as well as their actual meetings, are public record and accessible to all. All of these documents are available at this site. Take a look at more recent meetings if you are curious about the Trustees' perspective on these various events and issues.


Must Read! Arts & Sciences Council E-Forum External Link
This discussion forum is now open to anyone with a free Google ID for posting, and is overflowing with other resources, opinions, discussions, and links not listed on this site. Do NOT miss it!
Our UT, Our Future - the blog associated with this site!
This blog is open to absolutely anyone. Anonymous visitors can comment on existing posts, and anyone can sign in with a GMail ID [free!] to post. If you would like to regularly post on the blog, do go ahead and get a GMail e-mail address; and if you are worried about confidentiality, pick a username that is not easily associated with your identity. Check it out!

Associated Movements

Student Government
A resolution in support of the Arts & Sciences Council April 15, 2008.
A resolution passed as emergency legislation [simply allowing it to be voted on and approved the same day it was introduced] supporting the Arts & Sciences Council's commendable process of thought, inquiry, action, and exposition; and encouraging all other University bodies to do the same.
A resolution objecting to the July 1st deadline for the restructuring of the College of Arts & Sciences April 15-22, 2008.
A resolution introduced the night of the Arts & Sciences No-Confidence Vote that was finally approved at the next week's Senate meeting, which repudiates rapid timelines, excessive secrecy, insufficient transparency, and plans that do not meaningfully incorporate the opinions of those to be effected by major University changes.
Collegian: Student Senate looks to interview UT Administrators External Link Aug. 25, 2008
Announces the intention of a team of Student Senators, the "Commission on Student Centeredness" to interview top level UT administrators in a formal, professional setting to try to provide clarity around the future of UT.
Collegian Editorial Board: Student senators try to make sense of this mess. External Link Aug. 25, 2008
An Opinion piece praising the initiative of these Student Senators and wishing them success in sorting out this ever more complicated puzzle.
Must Read! Pamphlet: What's going to happen to the College of Arts & Sciences.
Written by "Your Pamphleteer", this document argues that the UT administration needs to hear from all students, particularly those within the College of Arts & Sciences, that the diminishment and depreciation of full Departments into Schools is unacceptable and against the students' wishes. Those wishing to join this student movement, which is separate from the UT Voices' "Our UT, Our Future" Campaign, can be contacted at for more information. It is requested that you add "pamphlet" to the subject line to get more copies of this document [which you may now also download and print from here], or "organizer" if you would like to assist in a leadership capacity.
ABC 13: UT Protest External Link May 6, 2008
ABC 13's coverage of the protest, and the only one to include footage from the Town Hall.
Fox Toledo: UT students protest College of Arts & Sciences Changes External Link May 6, 2008
FOX Toledo's coverage of the protest.
CBS 11: UT protest has campus all riled up External Link May 6, 2008.
WTOL 11's coverage of the protest.
Revealed "Under the Bus" Emails
Must Read! Press Release and Email Text This press release announces this set of emails that are alleged to demonstrate disregard on the part of Presiden Jacobs and Main Campus Provost Rosemary Haggett when they were faced with the No-Confidence Vote against Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Yueh-Ting Lee.
Must Read! Petition: For the Liberal Arts at the University of Toledo External Link
A petition asking for the Ohio Board of Regents to intervene at the University of Toledo to prevent the destruction/weakening of the Liberal Arts and the University as a whole; asserting that Dr. Jacobs has misinterpreted the State of Ohio Strategic plan [available on our site on this page]. This petition was started by concerned Faculty.
Collegian: Petition calls for reevaluation External Link Jun. 9, 2008
A story covering the above petition and its growth over the months. It covers the intentions of its authors to present it to Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric Fingerhut during his visit to UT.

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